About us...

Dear friends!

We are Nellys and Philipps backpacks and we have quite an exciting lifestyle we’d like to share with you.
If you’re interested in travel adventures, delicious food, all kind of booze or simply embarrassing (and funny) stories then stick with us!

But first of all: who are we?!

We started out as two regular backpacks, just like everyone else too! One day, on a foggy Tuesday…wait no…it was a rainy Friday! Or was it??? Ah however, it was one regular day during the year at the backpack store where we finally met those two weirdos:


They seemed like a couple who’s just been on a few dates. But they had this sparkle in their eyes for traveling adventures. It was love at first sight. Although Philipp tried to negotiate with the salesman about our price (not successfully btw..) we eventually became part of a family!
They brought us home and we were eager to explore the world! But every time we got close to start an adventure, Philipp backed down to search for cheaper flights and better offers. What a douche…

The other one wasn’t that much better, though. She changed her plans so often that we lost track where we’re going next. It was a fiasco between new destinations and search for cheaper offers! It was a hard time for us backpacks. We felt this chaos deep within ourselves. We were torn between swimsuits and beach towels, winter pants and boots.

Over time we learned more about Nelly and Philipp. They met at work in 2015 while working in Vienna, where they currently live. She is from Bulgaria and works in IT. He works in the finance department of a paper company and comes from the Schnitzelcenter of Europe: Austria. At home, our family predominantly speaks English, although over the years German became more frequently spoken. Only at fights we hear Bulgarian shouting towards Philipp. We don’t think he understands that much, but he clearly gets the point.

As days and months passed by we started losing hope that we’ll ever see the world. Dusty and unused, us backpacks were lying in a corner praying for a miracle to happen…

Until one day our prayers were finally heard and our owners got their s*** together and settled on their first trip.
This was the beginning of years full of adventures, excitement, happiness and love!

Stay with us and let us experience our journey together!

N. Back and P. Pack