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We are quite experienced in the wine and food tourism already, so whenever we find something to be excited about, we can barely wait to spread the word! Since this part of our travel stories is focused exactly on food and drink, let’s dive in!

We, N. Back and P. Pack, did proper research what to do in Milano, as Italy is always exciting for foodies like us. We did a strong start of the weekend trip by visiting “La Filetteria Italiana Vespucci”. The exotic variety of meats awaked our curiousness the moment we saw its menu. We’d had dinner already but could not miss to try some “Chimichurri Kangaroo Skewers” and “Horse Tartare”. But next time we won’t miss out on Ostrich fillet or Uruguayan beef as well. Never going to forget to mention the wine, which we enjoy almost as much as a good meal. The Lombardian Merlot IGT (Casalleone, 13.5 %) matched perfectly with the meaty skewers. The balsamic vanilla notes we can still remember. The Pinot Nero IGT did support the tartare with its clove spice aromas, but there might have been a better choice.

The foodie journey continues at “Boccondivino” on Via Giosuè Carducci 17. Here, we did not leave it to destiny, we booked in advance.

Tip: Booking in advance is absolutely necessary, as we learned later! It’s nearly everyday fully booked!

The restaurant is quite small and feels like a farm dining room. There was the clever decision made to serve fresh, clean, but uncut, veggies in a salad bowl, already placed on the tables. Visitors can enjoy this eatable table decoration and wonder about the beauty and the simplicity of it. We were welcomed and seated with a glass of Prosecco in our hands (What else would it be?!?).

Boccondivino Table
The feast started with cheese balls and tartare on bread with vino bianco “Perlas Auragus 2020”. With its pear, honey and melon aromas we got to a good start of the dinner. Oops, did I forget to mention that in this restaurant you can not order your meal? You simply enjoy Italian cold meat and cheese cuts, hot dishes and sweet desserts all paired with fine Italian wines; preselected in advance!
Boccondivino cheese balls and veggies
After the veggies there came the meat cuts: salty fat, Parma ham, speck, mortadella and salami. They were coming with the Bivi (Cesanese del Piglio) with its pepper, blackcurrant and medium body – just heaven! Sorry vegetarians, it has to happen once in a while!
Boccondivino Meat Platter

If this hadn’t been enough, the next main dish was “Pasta Pomodoro” with Mastalsö Romagna (Sangiovese Superiore 2016). The rating of this wine is not extra-high, but the combination with the pasta and the spice notes made the dish complete. High on tannin side, full body, aged in oak, this drink was just fitting perfectly.

Pasta with tomato sauce

Next appearance was the superstar of the evening scene: Risotto with Parmigiano and Zanoni Zavo Amarone Della Valpolicella 2013. How can we even start sharing our feelings about it…? Complex, strong body and paired with the plate of cheese made the evening epic. Plum notes, coffee, dark chocolate notes fight back the spicy, strong cheese aromas and the winner is the one who drinks it.

And our feelings about the risotto? Maybe Philipp can explain what’s so special about it:

Play Video about Philipp with Risotto in Parmegiano
Okay…so much to that. Here’s how the risotto then actually looked: YUM!
Philipp with the table of cheese
Before we get completely stuffed and drunk, we should pay attention to the Ben Rye Passito di Pantellena (2013). The grapes that this wine is made from, are called “Muscat of Alexandria”. Apricots, pear, honey and orange sprinkle from the glass. The drinking body for this is the Italian dry sweets with almonds. Attention! Highly addictive! 😉
Dessert wine with cracker
Meanwhile it’s been 5 (!!!) hours of sitting, eating and drinking; the longest dinner we’ve had until that point. We finished our espresso and were ready to leave. But before we were allowed to go, the waiter dropped by our table. He reminded us politely that “you cannot finish an Italian meal without having Limoncello!”. His smile was irresistible, and we didn’t want to be rude (“When in Rome, do as the Romans” is also known in Milano…), so we cheered all together to a great, unforgettable evening.
Bottle of Limoncello

Sooner or later, all good stories come to an end as well as the worst hangover. We took all the memories (we could remember of) the next day home with us. The Milano wine scene is there to be explored, please give it a chance. We left our backpack’s hearts there!

N. Back & P. Pack


Backpack secrets revealed

La Filetteria Italiana Vespucci 👍

  • Exotic choices of meats and high-quality food.
  • Waiters were very friendly and provided good service. We did not have a reservation, so we had to wait for a table. One waiter was so nice to bring us Prosecco to make our waiting time bearable.
  • Prices are in the higher range. We paid 8 € for a glass of wine, and the kangaroo skewers were around 17 €. It can get very expensive when you go there hungry!

Gringol Bar 👎

  • Very nice place to sit down and enjoy the area. Especially when the sun is shining you can admire the square and the arch.
  • Service was very bad. We waited forever for someone to come.
  • They were supposed to have lunch. But when we asked the waitress said that the “Kitchen is closed” (at 5pm on Saturday?). No more information was given.
  • Cocktails are expensive and not good. We paid 10 € each for an Aperol Spritz, which was way more “Spritz” than Aperol. Other bars around have better offers.

Boccondivino 👍👍

  • It’s not possible to simply show up and get a table, unless you are really, really, really lucky. Booking in advance is proven to be the better choice.
  • They have no menu. You sit down and receive 8-10 courses (depending on what you count as “course”) and a wine that goes well with the dish.
  • Price per person is 70 €, all included.

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