Trogir – A venetian city in Croatia?


Hearing the backpacks fighting…

  N. Back: Hey, at least we are going to the sea!

  P. Pack: Oh, shut up! We are pros and deserve a proper challenge!
                Bahamas or Cambodia will be the proper next destination!

  N. Back: You’re such an unthankful old bag!

  P. Pack: Come on! You know I’m right…

The fight continued even at the airport; and also in the plane. The two old fellows argued that heavily, they didn’t realize they’ve landed at Split airport already.

  N. Back: Wow! Such a new, shiny airport!

 “Wow, it smells like free spirit!”, countered P. Pack.

…And this is how the trip began…

Waking up without an alarm nervously ringing is a gift, a lot of people cannot experience these days. Still, the backpacks were up early to go on a short expedition – shopping for breakfast. This included “Burek”, a salty pastery with cheese and other local products (including a big, rose-red watermelon).

After breakfast we all took a short walk to a small beach close to “Kamp Seget”. The little white stones on the beach, together with the crystal clear blue water felt unreal. The small coffee place (Jo-Ki) provided the needed caffeine needed for total happiness.

philipp on the beach in trogir

The day passed by quickly while enjoying the small pleasures of life. The burning sun and the swimming made everybody very hungry, so we had to find our dinner spot urgently.
Walking in Trogir was pleasant and we got lost on the long promenade, full with bars and palm trees on one side and luxurious yachts on the other.

…until the delicious aroma of baked cevapi and fish grabbed everyone’s attention…

“Konoba Storija” was our place and without any further discussion, we found a table and ordered the house wine. Who could have predicted that?!
The fish plate for 2 people was more than enough and the entertainment by our waiter “Maximilian” with his funny bag (full with Slivovica) could cheer up all the grumpy bags around.

Philipp eating mussels
With full bellies we decided to further explore Trogir and his beauty. The town reminds a bit of Venice, with its medieval walls and the 13th century cathedral of St. Lawrence.
Nelly in front of boat in Trogir
church trogir
church trogir with Nelly in front

Coming out of the church, we thought we got a spiritual message. We all started hearing music from far away! But we could not determine the direction it came from!

Just as we wanted to give up, we found it. In a way it was sort of a miracle! On the small square in front of “Konoba Toma”, a small town fest was happening. The music was local and the wine was FREE!!!

Nelly almost cried! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

Nelly with free wine in Trogir
Philipp with free wine in Trogir

All drunk and happy (this happens a lot!) we found our way home.

The next day we had a boat trip planned. We were going to visit the famous blue lagoon and some islands. The trip was planned for 8 hours and after we boarded the boat, the Slivovica appeared (another miracle!) What a funny place Croatia is! 😛

First stop was Solta (Maslinica). This small port was already known in the 19 century for its island wine and olive oil.

The refreshing swim was short and we continued to the next stop on our tour, namely the blue lagoon. The shallow blue waters make you feel like you are on a trip to the Bahamas. The grilled fish that we got for lunch felt like it was swimming just 5 minutes ago with us in the lagoon. Fresh and delicious it was a treat we all enjoyed.

The trip itself was not informative and you could not really learn anything about the places you visit. The beverages on the boat were also not the best, but the sun and the sea make everything a bit better.

The final day of our Adria trip came, so we decided it is time to explore the other important town in this region: “Split”.

The more you know:
Bus 37 operates directly between Trogir and Split. It took around 1 hour and cost 42 Kuna (around 6 €) for 2 people.

The day was really hot and Split has a city beach that provides free shower and sand. This really surprised us, since we have only seen stone beaches in Croatia until that point. The beach was very crowded and not relaxing at all, but you have to consider it was high season. Still, the water was very clean and refreshing. Mission accomplished!

When the sun relaxed its grip, we moved to Split town centre. Split is the second largest city in Croatia and is known for the Diocletian’s Palace (305 AD). Exploring the palace and its cellars is a must when visiting the area. Enjoying the promenade and the merchants kiosks seems like another very popular activity.

Split Promenade
Split Tuk Tuk

With this we want to say “Hvala Croatia!“. We are grateful for the places we have been and the faces we have seen!

N. Back & P. Pack

Secrets revealed:

  • The accommodation “House Robi” in Trogir is a relatively cheap option and yet very close to the venetian old town. Extremely nice hostess!

  • Croatia joined the Eurozone on January 1st, 2023. Therefore the official currency since that day is the EURO, which makes life easier for travellers. Welcome to the Eurozone, friends! 😉

  • Boat tour – 45 € for 3 islands + blue lagoon;
    turned out to be 2 islands and the boat refreshment were not good 🙁

  • Croatia in summer is not cheap, a beer can cost 4 €, but a cocktail is around 10 €!

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