Frozen horizons and fiery skies in Iceland


The Backpacks are eager for adventures and what is more exciting and adventurous than frozen winter landscapes and spitting lava volcanos. That’s right, our backpacks are starting their adventure in the land of elves and

Kos – the island of Hippocrates


N. Back and P. Pack are packing their swimsuits to go to the amazing Greek island of Kos. It does not matter that they are backpacks, they do enjoy the white sand and blue waters.

Oh Mamma Mia, Skiathos!


N: P. Pack, I think it’s time to get into the musical business! P: Why, N. Back? N: Because, P. Pack, we couldn’t be more unprepared for our next adventure! P: Where is it going

Trogir – A venetian city in Croatia?


Hearing the backpacks fighting…   N. Back: Hey, at least we are going to the sea!   P. Pack: Oh, shut up! We are pros and deserve a proper challenge!           

The baltic viking Riga, Latvia


Don’t be stupid, P. Pack! Riga is the capital of Latvia, not Lithuania! Most importantly, it is also NOT part of Russia since 1991! Let’s not make a history lesson out of our quarrel. But

Pompous Capri


N. Back & P. Pack had to freshen up and prepare themselves for a fancy ride: They are going to the island of Capri! Sorry, Amalfi – next time! The trip has started early in

Pompeii and his dark master Vesuvius


N. Back and P. Pack, are super happy! Finally, they’re going on an adventure that does not include buying bags or drinking cocktails! They were ready early in the morning to hit the road. First

Milano è una bella città!


P. Pack: Hey N. Back, didn’t you like wine? I thought so! You will be very happy to hear that we are going to bella Milano! Clear your palate! N. Back: Ok, P. Pack, do

Jordan – Part 1: Petra


Who is this „Petra“, and why is everybody visiting her?! It was a normal morning at home. Nelly clearly has not slept well, and her mood was not going to improve. While brushing teeth, Philipp

Winter wonderland Tromsø


Every year in winter we do get a bit depressed and really melancholic. We miss the real white winter, with snow up to the knees and the purity of the winter whiteness. The global warming